pain+preventative care

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  • Open Saturday & Open Sunday (including stat wknd)


We are a pain and prevention clinic that provides chiropractic, digital x-ray and shiatsu therapy in Vancouver East.

What do we treat? Neck & back pain, disc pain, muscle injury, collision injury (ICBC) and preventative care.

How is treatment rendered? Chiropractic treatment consists of muscle release therapy and spinal adjustment to relieve pain and restore joint mobility. Shiatsu therapy focuses on treating specific points of the body with thumb and palm pressure. Hence, shi (finger) - atsu (pressure).

How many sessions will you need? A treatment plan is recommended  for your needs. Our goal is to get you pain-free and healthy ASAP.

The clinic is open Saturday, open Sunday and on weekdays with extended hours. Please schedule via the online booking system.

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