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Two Common Causes for Back Pain from Deadlifting

Posted by David Wang 1 year, 8 months ago Comments

I will attempt to illustrate the 2 most common causes of back pain from doing the deadlift, seen from the novice to intermediate levels. Most commonly, you are experiencing pain due to having tissues being compressed. The compressed tissue is either the lumbar discs or the paddings of the joints (E.X. SI joint & facet joints). At other times, you can have pain from tissues being over-stretched, and in this case, it is either your muscles or ligaments being over-stretched.

Arm Tracing

Posted by David Wang 1 year, 9 months ago in Foundation Training (Basics) / Comments

(Arm Tracing can be incorporated in any of the following: standing, sitting, lunge, founder, supine and prone.)

The Founder with Hip Hinge

Posted by David Wang 1 year, 9 months ago in Foundation Training (Basics) / Comments

  1. Begin with Decompression Breathing: stand tall, neck long, big breath, anchoring heels and decompress the torso.

  2. Initiate hip hinge by breaking at the hips, allowing the hips to pull backwards, meanwhile maintaining a neutral pelvis. Keep your knees soft, unlocked and just behind the ankle throughout the movement.

  3. As the hips reach backwards, the upper body leans forward. Keep your chest up, chin pulled back and your waist tight and braced. 
  4. Now scoop your hands forward in front of your chest to form a sphere of tension.

  5. Utilizing the weight of the hands (sphere of tension), counter-balance the weight of your hips by reaching forwards and upwards towards the corner of the ceiling as your hips pull back even more. You are trying to elongate the distance from finger tips to tail bone. Your center of mass should be on your heels.

  6. Hold the pose for 10 seconds, breathing big and deep. Remind yourself to pull in the belly button away from the waist bands to avoid hyper-extension of the spine.

  7. Repeat 5-10 sets per day, and feel free to rock the Founder anywhere!

The Wide Founder Variation

Decompression Breathing & Pelvic Anchoring

Posted by David Wang 1 year, 9 months ago in Foundation Training (Basics) / Comments

  1. Standing variation: stand with both feet hip width apart. The heels are squeezing in towards each other, but your knees are not. The knees are unlocked, straight and not bowed. The squeezing action of the heels activates themuscles of the inner thigh and initiates pelvic anchoring.