Arm Tracing

Posted by David Wang 2 years, 11 months ago in Foundation Training (Basics) / Comments

(Arm Tracing can be incorporated in any of the following: standing, sitting, lunge, founder, supine and prone.)
  1. Begin with a neutral pelvis, chin pulled back and shoulders relaxed. Engage decompression breathing and anchor your pelvis.
  2. Flare your elbows outwards so that your shoulders are internally rotated and your wrists flat.
  3. Starting at the side of the hip, trace your thumbs up towards the underarm, then the front of the shoulder, then towards the back of the neck, and finally joining the finger tips.

    Important: lead the movement of the thumbs with your elbows, such that the elbows are higher than your hands.
  4. At this time, your shoulder are externally rotated and your elbows flared outwards.
  5. Extend the elbows in a chopping motion, reach your forearm/hands above your head forming a sphere of tension.
  6. Hold for one decompression breath.
  7. Trace back down in the exact same order, but reversed. Begin with flexion of the elbow, then trace your thumbs down from the back of the neck to the side of your hips.
  8. Perform 3-5 repetitions per set.
  9. Practice often.
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